Pilgrim Cottage Cattery: About the cattery

Each Cattery block is fitted with Airsource eco friendly temperature controlled central heating which is fabulous as automatically adjusts to a constant temperature 24/7. Each block of 6 runs has huge glass panels enabling the cats to look our onto the fields and woods with our ponies and a wide range of birds and wildlife. During the summer months, the whole front slides open and the combination of ceramic floors means it stays cool. We now also offer each cat their own cool mats. Each run has their own door, an inner door and the outer door for the utmost safety.

All our runs are sprayed with Feliway before each cat comes in. It is proven to prevent stress and to help the cats cope with changes in their environment.

When you bring your cat for their stay, you may see him or her into their run until you are happy they are settled. We take great pleasure watching each cat blossom each time they come here. During their stay, you are very welcome to contact us during opening hours, I can also send you photos. We keep extensive notes on each cat and any concerns, will always contact you or your own vets, its a huge responsibility for us as each cat is a much loved member of our family.

We supply everything, fleecy beds, toys and huge scratch posts but always encourage you to bring anything from home that is familiar to your cat, from cushions to clothing, we have even had duvets and dressing gowns – don’t worry, there is plenty of space.

Our main priority is to spend lots of time with each cat, some are lap cats, some like to be stroked or groomed and some just like you being there.

We stock every type of food as well as freshly cooked chicken and fish all included. Prescription food to be supplied by yourselves.